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As Dalton Reaps, So Shall He Sow

November 1st, 2006

Once again I dip into my “I told you so”files, to suggest, well… I told you so. Sort of. My told you so was Jim Flaherty and Finance, it happened with Jim Prentice in Indian affairs:

When Dalton’s Liberal’s came to power in Ontario, they bitched and moaned about the state the Conservatives left the finances. They made statements such as ‘they cut taxes too quickly’, ‘they acted irresponsibly’ and &tc. The problem is, one of those Conservative Finance Minister’s, one of the tax cutting ones, was Jim Flaherty.

If you are Jim Flaherty, are you sorely tempted to tell Dalton McGuinty that a) the house was once in order b) the house is no longer in order and c) we blame you for b? For a tax cutter fiscal conservative like Flaherty, is this even more so after the last Ontario budget, in which Dalton McGuinty intentionally built a deficit into the budget for political(?) purposes?

The gist? Dalton has for years blamed these guys and, as he so inelegantly pointed out last week (“the ones who didn’t get what it takes to succeed in the 21st century… It’s kind of like a recurring nightmare”). Sooner or later he is going to look for them, and they won’t be there. Sooner came yesterday:

Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice is blaming “political grandstanding” by his Ontario counterpart and the province’s premier for his last-minute decision Tuesday to cancel a meeting aimed at resolving an eight-month aboriginal standoff in southern Ontario…

The recent persistent stories quoting both the premier and the minister created an atmosphere of political grandstanding that disturbed Mr. Prentice,” said Prentice’s spokeswoman, Deirdra McCracken.

“Mr. Prentice decided it would be better to cancel (Tuesday’s) meeting and reschedule it when there is an atmosphere more conducive to constructive discussions that will lead to progress in resolving the dispute.”

As I suggested back in April, I don’t think this is the right thing from Minister Prentice. This is a serious issue that needs dealt with. I hope the underlings are still talking, and the meeting happens in the next day or two. In that case, it’s a small justifiable spanking.

Instead of doing fluff pieces about Dalton McGuinty’s daughter, perhaps the media could do a piece on how Mrs. McGuinty raised two of the rudest little boys in the sandbox.


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