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I Like the Conservatives too, but…

October 30th, 2006

I noticed it first late last week. Blogging Tory sites expounding on how the opposition should be working with the Tories. The theme: “Do we really need another election now?” Then today, The Sun took another tack:

Now Harper is lashing out at the Liberals for grinding his legislative agenda into the ground. The opposition has blocked major components of the government’s legislation, including its crime and accountability bills.

Ottawa is again abuzz with talk of a possible spring election. That would be the third trip to the federal polls for Canadians in four years. So where are the calls from the pundits demanding that the opposition politicians make Parliament work? Where are the dire warnings that the Liberals will be punished if they force Canada into another “unnecessary” election?

But us Tories poo-pooed those arguments last time, why is it our argument this time? As The Sun themselves point out:

Of course, as we learned this past January, the conventional wisdom preached by the nation’s commentary class was entirely wrong. Harper’s Conservatives kicked the Liberals out of power and won their own minority government.

So why are we not hearing the same again now that the rolls have changed? Maybe because the argument was proven wrong last time.

But then the letters of The Sun went further:


The Stephen Harper government was elected based on campaign promises that include, among others, federal accountability, fiscal responsibility and tougher sentencing for violent criminals.

Despite this mandate, the opposition parties have made a mockery of the system by fighting against the changes an elected government was put in place to enact.

The (mostly Liberal-appointed) Senate has held up the Accountability Act for months.

The costly and ineffectual long gun registry remains in effect due to Liberal fearmongering and calls for further gun bans, where diverted registry funds would be better served on frontline enforcement.

The Bloc, Liberals and NDP have gutted the proposed changes to Harper’s crime bill, making it essentially useless.

At what point does the government start functioning as designed, and the greater interests of Canadians get put above those of the parties or those special interest groups that support them?

The election of the Conservative minority government signaled a desire for change, change that has been continuously hampered by the opposition.

Robert Moerman


With a minority government the best you are really given is a mandate to try and govern, the Tories are doing that. The Liberals, NDP and Bloc never, ever said they would co-operate fully with a Conservative government (the Garth Party candidate, however, did). We Tories didn’t respect the Liberal minority mandate a year ago, why should we expect it to be respected now? The Tories are governing as best they can, the opposition opposing as they see fit. When the Parliament becomes an unworkable stalemate, it should be dissolved and taken to the voters.

Instead of complaining, we Conservatives, whether party members or just supporters, should be getting ready – because damn straight the opposition will be ready.


  1. Richard
    October 31st, 2006 at 10:29 | #1

    Great post Brian. Far too often lately I’ve been seeing conservatives pulling the same stunts and using the same arguments the libs used to do.

  2. Brian
    October 31st, 2006 at 13:08 | #2

    Thanks Richard.

    It’s funny how quickly the roles reverse, isn’t it?

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