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Dalton McGuinty Disappears into a Hyperbole Vortex of his own making

October 30th, 2006

The guy can sure give you a headache. Dalton that is. I’ve seen figure skaters do less twirling than this guy does:

“A lot of those people who used to run Queen’s Park, the ones who didn’t get what it takes to succeed in the 21st century, they’re back. They’re running the federal government. It’s kind of like a recurring nightmare,” McGuinty told the closing rally of the Ontario Liberals’ annual general meeting.

“I’m increasingly concerned they still don’t get it that they still don’t understand that it takes more than competitive taxes alone to build a high quality of life in today’s world.”

So, the federal Tories are the old Provincial Tories, who screwed up Ontario… Oh, except:

“It’s time to move beyond the childish blame game,” he said of then-premier Ernie Eves’s complaints about a lack of federal funding for the province’s health care system and infrastructure. “We happen to believe that we’ve got to set aside differences and work together in the interests of Ontarians.”

That was 2003. Dalton was in opposition and Dalton was complaining that “the Flahertys and Bairds and Clements” were passing the buck and blaming Jean Cretien for what ailed them. He was right then: a governments job is govern. He’s wrong now. Completely, totally, and in abeyance of his own advice, three years into his own administration, six months into a federal Tory administration, he’s still blaming… Mike Harris.

Mike Harris who sat this summer sat and gave testimony at the Ipperwash inquiry. Throughout the last campaign McGuinty promised the inquiry. One month into his reign of error, he called the inquiry into the past Ontario Governments handling of their Indian crisis at Ipperwash Provincial Park.

The inquiry is not yet complete, the findings not yet found. Dalton, however, now wants the same Harrisites, “the Flahertys and Bairds and Clements” to bail him out in Caledonia.

One tip Dalton. When you call people incompetent, it looks bad when you ask for their help. Like maybe you are even less competent. It look even worse when you do as they do, not as you say.


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