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Greg Rae, meet Bob Sorbara.

October 27th, 2006

The front page of today’s National Post provides two nicely contrasting stories side by side. The first has Bob Rae admitting he was wrong to increase spending . The second has Ontario’s present finance minister announcing that he will “spend up to $190-million to counteract an economic slowdown”

From Bob Rae’s “Not The Man He Was” in today’s print version of the post:

My Ontario government was one of many that inherited deficits, then thought we could allow further deficits to get us through the tough times. But “priming the pump” in an effort to create jobs does not work so easily in a globalized, open economy.

From Mr. Sorbara:

The new investment, is intended to speed up infrastructure projects, encourage tourism, promote business with Alberta and improve programs for laid-off workers.

Slower growth in the economy has a real impact on real people and the communities they live in. Our responsibility is to take steps that will mitigate that impact.

On the same day an ex-NDP Premier tells us that “priming the pump” doesn’t work, our present government is telling us they are… priming the pump.

The parallels are clear as well. The 1992 NDP recession, we are told, was an international recession. This one is, according to Sorbara, because of “a faltering U.S. economy and a strong Canadian dollar.”

It appears the lessons of history is lost on the incompetent.


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