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Garth Turner: Independent

October 25th, 2006

I’ve had my say, both here, and on his own blog. My point, poorly made at times I concede, is that Turner stated very boldly during the David Emerson floor crossing that, a person elected as a member of one party should have to go back to his riding, in the form of a by-election, before switching to another party. Yesterday I used a variety of his own quotes to make my case, including one that’s being presented as reason why Mr. Turner is not joining the Green Party:

“Anybody who switches parties should go back to the people. To do otherwise is to place politicians above the people when, actually, itÂ?s the other way around.”

Now it turns out, Turner is staying independent because of those words:

So why exactly did Garth Turner decide not to go Green? Ironically, pressure over something he wrote on his blog…

Since National Newswatch first reported that Garth Turner would soon announce his decision to join the Green Party, sources tell us that he has been bombarded with emails from readers reminding him of something he wrote in the past. And that something?

As I have stated elsewhere, I like Turner. My point behind yesterdays he should resign post, was that the reasons for liking (or hating) the guy is he shoots his mouth off, but he backs up his words. By taking offers from the other parties, I felt he wasn’t backing up what he had explicitly said.

If this story is true, and Garth Turner is sitting as an independent, good on him. He belongs, he is a strong voice in Parliament, and it would be a lot less fun writing a blog without Garth Turner to kick around.

Besides, he actually appears to get some results, something very few Parliamentarians do.

h/t Joanne


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