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Should Media Outlets Show Cartoons that Depict the Muslim Prophet Muhammad?

January 8th, 2015

Seriously, that’s the question the Sun put to it’s readers? as if they don’t know the answer already. Of course they bloody should. But at least it’s better than last time, when they offered a self-serving piece of cowardice on their front page in lieu of journalism. screen-shot-2015-01-08-at-40549-pmIf they had stepped up then, along with the Star, the Globe and Mail, the National Post, The New York Times, and &tc. ad infinitum, instead of hiding behind such an obvious falsehood, instead of leaving the Western Standard and Charlie Hedbo to go it alone, then perhaps the cartoonist and editorial staff of Charlie Hedbo would be alive today.

And back when us mere hacks and amateurs where drawing Muhammad for Everybody Draw Muhammad Day, on the premise that they can’t kill us all, where was Andy Donato? Doodling his own hand like he gave us today? Freely practicing his speech about joining the fight, while leaving the rest of us to, you know, actually fight.

The sooner these media outlets are dead and gone, the better. They really are useless when it matters.

At least, however, The Sun has Ezra on the payroll.

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  1. Fat Tony
    January 8th, 2015 at 19:20 | #1

    Donato, was truly a coward. He did the minimum. Ezra on the other hand did publish these cartoons in his magazine years ago.

  2. Pissedoff
    January 8th, 2015 at 19:53 | #2

    If they are not willing to print them then they cannot claim “Je suis Charlie”
    Will they print these?

    The pen IS mightier than the sword: Cartoonists across the world deliver a defiant riposte to Charlie Hebdo gunmen


  3. Roy elsworth
    January 9th, 2015 at 12:33 | #3

    yes they should. and remind them that it’s a free world in Canada and the north America. and that free speech.

  4. Dollops – Eric Doll
    January 9th, 2015 at 14:06 | #4

    Interesting to note in the Sun poll that although there was near unanimity on the issue of showing the cartoons (ridiculing the death-cult) less than a majority, 43% to 57%, opined for actually confronting the savages. Feelings 1 conviction 0.

  5. monkey
    January 9th, 2015 at 19:55 | #5

    Yes they should. No religion should be able to be free from criticism. Charlie Hebdo also criticized Judaism and Christianity to so they went after any religion that had beliefs they felt were backwards. We can freely criticize the Catholic church on females not being allowed to be priests or priests not being able to be married, but saying anything bad about Islam is somehow not allowed. In the Western World we have free speech and that includes the right to say things some might find offensive. If one finds the cartoons offensive they can speak out against them, but they have no right to use intimidation to stop them. I am all for Muslims coming to Canada who support our liberal democratic values, but those who don’t should not come here. We will not change our values because others don’t like them, just as we have no right to ask other countries to change their values.

    So for the media in English Canada, grow a pair and publish the cartoons (note most in Quebec did publish them)

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