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Here in Hespeler, We Don’t Separate the Boys from the Men

November 24th, 2014

… the boys are men. But hey, don’t ask me, ask USA today:

While we here in the United States have taken the rather sane approach of postponing high school events scheduled for days in which massive snow arrived, our Canadian counterparts are significantly more brave about playing on through the snow.

In fact, they’re playing as if the snow isn’t even a big deal. The tweet you see above comes from a Central Western Ontario Secondary Schools Association football semifinal competed between the Lourdes Crusaders (of Guelph, Ontario) and Hespeler Hawks on Tuesday night… See you if you can spot any yard lines on that field. We sure can’t.

Even more notable than the snow were the overall weather conditions for the semifinal. This is from the Guelph Mercury, which bravely covered a game that was bravely being played in completely absurd cold conditions…

Below minus-10? That’s absurd, skin freezing on contact cold.

Now, agreed, the writer gets a “Moral and intellectual superior” award for not realizing it was -10 Celsius, not Fahrenheit, about 14F. But still, as someone who was there, brutal game, brutal conditions.

The Hespeler Hawks had a 10-1 season, and won the Waterloo County Secondary School Athletics Association championship.

Here’s a few pictures from the game, and a few more below.

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  1. Frances
    November 24th, 2014 at 20:00 | #1

    Congratulations to your team!! While you’re at it, how about some pictures from epic Grey Cup games played in less-than-ideal conditions. This weekend’s game is in Vancouver AND in a covered stadium – no fun at all.

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