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Pictures From the Rally

September 30th, 2006

Some pictures from the “Support our Troops Rally” at Dundas sqaure yesterday in Toronto (click on any picture to see it full size)(My apologies for the mess that this post is. I tried to strraighten out the pictures, and now the words don’t fit):

A gentleman appropriatly dressed for the occassion.

The Sun’s Mark Bonokoski is in the middle

Event organizer Joe Warmington, and the Raptor dinosaur. Joe has no idea how close he came to meeting a fellow retard.

Crowd Shot: some estimate the crowd as low as 800: I don’t buy it.

“I came to Canada 48 years ago. It’s one hell of a country”

The Toronto media where out in full.

Honour Guard.

They were handing out small flags for people to wave…

… but some people brought their own!

Some people got right into the spirit of the thing…

… some, not so much.

Canadian Forces Flag

His Honour The Mayor, David Miller.

A Sea of Red!

Gordon Lightfoot.

Some bejewelled veterans

The most important man present: grieving father Errol Cushley.

This post is dedicated to the memory of Pte. William Cushley of Port Lambton, Ont.


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