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Toronto the Not in a Death Spiral:

December 27th, 2013

The Star – Dec 27, 2013: Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, the city’s de facto leader and the premier’s key contact on issues related to the ice storm, flew to Florida on Christmas for a holiday dinner with his family. He returned to Toronto the next day.spiral toronto

… “In public life, you tend to ignore family events. The scope of my immediate family is declining in numbers. And it was very important for me to be there,”

The Star – June 24, 2011: “It makes (Ford) look petty, stubborn and mean. It is an embarrassment for a city that proclaims its diversity to the world. . . Whether he means to or not, he has left the unfortunate and probably mistaken impression that he has a problem with gays and lesbians.”

And lest you think, “well, he’s just the deputy mayor who was never elected by the people of Toronto to be in charge,” his ward is Scarborough, the worst hit by the power outages.

Sue-Ann Levy is covering the story.

Toronto: Not in a Death Spiral

  1. gerry from gta
    December 27th, 2013 at 20:38 | #1

    Kelly is an idiot.

    On Sunday he gave a radio interview to 680 News where he basically said “what a severe storm and that he recommends everybody stay at home because that was what he was doing”. Meanwhile Rob Ford was downtown at the emergency response center for Toronto.

    To add insult to injury, On Monday when 260,000 customers in Toronto were without power, I saw a crew of City workers (3 that I could see) changing the speed limit on a street in the West End from 40 kmph to 30 kmph. This is at a time when many streets were impassible due to fallen trees, the vast majority of homes in Toronto has no power and these guys are doing non-critical work? That manager should be fired for not re-tasking those employees to more important tasks or is it that the bureaucracy is so poorly managed?

    End the Gravy Train and the stupidity associated with it.

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