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Is There More to Tie and Belinda Than Meets The Eye?

September 27th, 2006

The Tie Domi divorce has made great tabloid fodder the past week here in Southern Ontario (the center of the universe to you Westerners), The Sun particularly seeming to enjoy themselves.

I have heard for years that Tie is really quite a jerk, that if your paper pissed off Tie Domi, your paper lost access to the Leaf dressing room. The most blatant example being the Star losing the room when they were reporting on Tie’s brother Dash during the MFP enquiry. It is interesting that Tie retired on Sept 19, and by September 22nd this story was being reported. How incautious do you have to be for the media to take only three or four days to start exacting their pound of flesh?

However, sordid question of who did who aside, a serious issue has arisen from these proceedings. In yesterday’s Sun they do a feature piece called Tie’s a rat: Leanne. Two paragraphs, raised my eyebrows when put together. It should be duly noted, this is from Leanne Domi’s court filing, and is an allegation that has been untested in court:

“Tie assured me that Belinda was nothing more than an important ‘business contact’ and said I should be nice to her since she held the key to an important and lucrative deal … involving the supply of steel to Magna … and he stood to make monumental commissions from this deal.”


Tie’s “intimate sexual relationship may have commenced when he began working on her political campaign in January, 2006,” Leanne says. She notes that Tie “informed the news media he had been dating Stronach.”

Tie was looking to make a “monumental commissions” “involving the supply of steel to Magna?”

Are we to believe that a full time pugilistic hockey player, in his spare time, has become such a salesman in the realm of automotive steel, that he’s genuinely eligible for such a contract? Let’s be clear, Magna is a huge company with contracts with all the major car company. They don’t buy steel from hockey players, they get steel only from reputed companies. Yet Tie Domi was working Stronach for a fee?

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions, but at the very least, shouldn’t election’s Canada be looking into this?


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