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Contrition or Convenience

September 26th, 2006

Canadian citizenships of convenience have been much in the news lately, with 50% of the Lebanese-Canadians that were rescued during the Israel-Lebanon battle last July having returned to Lebanon.

Now comes word that Lord Black of Crossharbour, after having renounced his citizenship in order to get his British peerage, wants to become a Canadian citizen again:

Conrad Black wants to be a Canadian once more and he is working on regaining his citizenship.

In an interview aired on TVOntario Monday night, Lord Black said he is going through the ““normal channels”” to become a Canadian citizen again.

““I always said that I would take my citizenship back, and if it wasn’t for all these legal problems, I would have done it by now,”” Lord Black told journalist Steve Paikin. ““But I’m working on it, going through the normal channels like everyone else.”

While were contemplating laws to stop citizenships of convenience (i.e. residency conditions, filing a tax return if you live out of country), perhaps we could add a special clause for people who renounce their citizenship.

At the very least, there should be extra hoops you have to jump through.


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