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Cat Stevens to Pope: I Can’t Keep It In

September 24th, 2006

The Pope’s comments are following him like a Moon Shadow (Moon Shadow Moon Shadow). Morning Has Broken with Cat Stevens taking a poke at the Pope:

the British singer known as Cat Stevens … said that the Pope quoting from a medieval text which attacks some of the Prophet Mohammed’s teachings as “evil and inhuman” showed the pontiff was not infallible. Roman Catholic theology says that the Pope cannot err in teachings on faith or morals.

But he added that the Pope’s comments on Islam showed he was fallible. “Because of the kind of interpretation he had of Islam, he should read Gandhi and find out what he said about Islam,” the singer said, adding that the Indian leader had a more peaceful interpretation of the faith.

Has anyone explained to Cat that Gandhi lived when members of Islam were not trying to blow us up. That in 1948, they were a peaceful religion. Gandhi , Gandhi , it’s a Wild World and all that.

Interesting to note that Cat talks about being brought up Catholic, which makes this a whole Father and Son kind of deal.

OK, Pun filled post over – Please return to obscurity Cat.


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