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Toronto the Not in a Death Spiral

May 17th, 2013

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The tipster made the following claims:

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smokes crack cocaine.

• There is a video of Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine, taken within the last six months.

• Rob Ford purchases his crack cocaine from a crew of Toronto drug dealers that service a veritable who’s who of A-list…Torontonians? Torontites? Anyway, a lot of prominent people in Toronto purchase and enjoy crack and powder cocaine, and they all buy it from the same folks. The same folks Ford buys it from. Ford’s longtime friend, people on his staff, his brother, a prominent hockey analyst, and more.

Blazing Cat Fur is following along – read the comments. All I have to say is, Gawker better hope that video emerges – if it exists. If it doesn’t come out, if it gets buried by the Fords, if it doesn’t really exist, they are on the hook for a major lawsuit. Six figures for a video will seem small potatoes.

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  1. Gary
    May 17th, 2013 at 09:31 | #1

    The STAR failed to notice that they smeared the Somali Muslims as jihadists raising money in canada by selling drugs. They also seem to have missed the story of George Smithermen’s admission to being a drug addict and having a high-risk sexual lifestyle prior to him running for the Mayoral seat against Rob Ford. BTW, since the B.C. police used a video of a speeding motor cycle to track down the rider to fine them, why didn’t the STAR go to the Police first with this evidence of illegal activity to arrest and find those breaking the law on a video.

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