The Pimply Minions Rebellion…

November 25th, 2012

… the mother-country edition:

The head of children’s services in Rotherham(England) has defended the decision to remove three ethnic minority children from foster parents, saying that their affiliation to the UK Independence Party (Ukip) meant they opposed ‘multiculturalism.’…

She said there was no ‘quality of care’ issue with the couple – the husband is a former Navy reservist who works with disabled people and the wife is a qualified nursery nurse – only that they were Ukip members.

Quality of care, providing love, a good home &tc.? Irrelevant. Approved thought patterns are the only criteria that counts.

As we say here in the colonies: Fire Them All!

Jacobian Piece of Impertinence, pimply minions of bureaucracy

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