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SpongeBuzz PinkPants!

August 29th, 2006

I have been working on posts on the CAW report Eye Of The Storm: The CAW and the Remaking of Canadian politics (pdf document), particularly looking at some of the many possible issues that arise from it. In the next few days I will be posting on these issues one at a time, with the first one slated to run tonight. The issues that I will be looking at are:

– The politics of the report
– What this report means to the Liberals (and Liberals, you should be more worried about this than the rest of us).
– The CAW’s version of democracy
– Replacing capitalism and, ultimately, democracy.

Meanwhile, I penned a theme song for this series of reports based on the SpongeBob SqaurePants theme song.


Comrade: Are you ready Kids?

Kids: Da, Da Comrade.

Comrade: I can’t hear you.


Comrade: Whoooooooo – Lives in a dream world, nineteen-seventeen
Kids: SpongeBuzz PinkPants!

Comrade: A lefty; A pinko; A commie is he:
Kids: SpongeBuzz PinkPants!

Comrade: If communist nonsense be something you wish:
Kids: SpongeBuzz PinkPants!

Comrade: Then eat up your cabbage, you’ll be gettin’ no fish:
Kids: SpongeBuzz PinkPants!

Comrade: Ready?

Kids: SpongeBuzz PinkPants! SpongeBuzz PinkPants!
SpongeBuzz PinkPants! SpongeBuzz PinkPants!

Comrade: SpongeBuu—-zzz PinkPants!


Listen to the original, and sing along with SpongeBuzz PinkPants here.


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