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Blue Blogging Soapbox Blogging Tories Site of the Week

August 25th, 2006

It has been on my mind to restart posting the weekly site of the week, even before Paul linked to my post asking for Terry Fox donations.

I am not going to backtrack, but I’ll go right to the latest Site of the Week:

The Doggerel Party of Canada is one of those blogs that’s well written and funny. A deadly combination, and I loved reading it. Especially so, I loved this post:

Signs Of Our Times

As the second of the beer and pocorn cheques arrived last night, I was naturally thinking about beer. Although I was sipping a rather nice pinot noir at the time (Saturna Island 2002, from the Gulf Islands in BC; cherry and plum, with mushroom earthiness on the nose, black cherry fruit with good structured oak, and excellent acidity… but I digress). From beer my thoughts strayed to the pubs of my homeland, and I was thinking how pubs in England are named after the events of history; the Royal Oak, the White Rose, the George & Dragon, and so forth.

If we were to adopt this tradition, how might we name some taverns from, say, 13 years of our recent history? Some ideas:

The Billion & Boondoggle
The Poll & Dither (& Poll & Dither & Poll & Dither)
The Pepper & Plate
The Envelope & Kickback
The Soldier on our Street
The Stench & Corruption

(and naturally)

The Beer & Popcorn

Suggestions welcome…

Updates: from the comments

The Pig & Whistleblower
The Taxpayer’s Gum
The Entitled & Entitlement

To which I would add:

The Beheaded Infidel
The Pierre & Fidel
The Fuddle Duddle
The Boon & Doggle
The Flag of Convenience
The Whining Activist
The Maggie & Stone

Oh but I could go on. Anyway, nice work Clive. I’ll be back!


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