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Thank God for that Recession

May 16th, 2012

Dalton McGuinty blames Alberta for Ontario being broke, in debt and trying to recover from the “worst recession since the great depression,” as our superiors so smugly called it then.

New NDP leader Thomas Mulcair thinks Ontario and Quebec may never get on track, Stephen Harper being so desperate to deflect that he is using the three western premiers as messengers to fool the rest of us. Canada is broken, and it’s Alberta’s fault.

If your unemployed, can’t make your bills and worried about losing your house in Cambridge, however, the news is good. The recession, it turns out, saved us all:

If Ontarians want to continue to flip a switch and have the lights go on, then some tough decisions have to be made about the future of electricity, said Sean Conway… a public policy advisor who served in the Ontario legislature for 28 years…

“We have to ask ourselves what constitutes the public good,” he said.

In areas like Waterloo Region, demand for electricity is growing, but the infrastructure to supply it is lagging behind.

Cambridge Hydro president and CEO John Grotheer agreed.

The recession saved Ontario,” said Grotheer.

There you go, saved by that eve Stephen Harper and his western messengers. And the news gets better, it turns out your electricity prices are going up again in the fall:

Meanwhile, the utility will be introducing Time-of-Use billing between August and October across Cambridge and North Dumfries.

Watch for it, I’ve yet to meet anybody, regardless of what time they wash their clothes and do the dishes, that have seen their electricity prices do anything but skyrocket with this system.

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