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Consigning Pierre to History’s Dustbin

August 15th, 2006

I feel good today. Happy, content:

I grew up knowing that Fidel Castro had a special place among my family’s friends. We had a picture of him at home: a great big man with a beard who wore military fatigues and held my baby brother Michel in his arms. When he met my little brother in 1976, he even gave him a nickname that would stick with him his whole life: “Micha-Miche.”

A few years later, when Michel was around 8 years old, I remember him complaining to my mother that my older brother and I both had more friends than he did. My mother told him that, unlike us, he had the greatest friend of all: he had Fidel…

Fidel may have been at first a political contact of my father’s but their relationship was much more than that. It was extra-political.

Don’t you begin to get the feeling that history is not going to be very kind to the Pierre Trudeau legacy, no matter how many love ins the CBC holds. I mean with friends like these

On a side note, does any body else get completely creeped out when looking at this picture?

What kind of man lets a someone with that much blood on his hands any where near an infant?

Third greatest Canadian, my aunt Fanny.

h/t to Wonder Woman.


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