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Cool For Cats Friday

December 9th, 2011

I was planning on doing this in reverse order, but after seeing the first video, I changed my mind and thought it deserved to be first.

Winnipeg teenager Sean Quigley proves that, in spite of what us geezers like to think, the kids are alright. Having a house full of teenagers myself, I can attest that the next generation is not as lost as the damned media often makes them out to be. This may become my favourite version of one of my absolute favourite songs, Christmas or otherwise.

Of course, the classic rock version is Bob Seger, whose interpretation of this song is one of the big reasons I like it so much. Sadly, the only full versions of this video I could find involved extraordinary house light displays, causing my irony meter to explode.

Speaking of Bob Seger, last Friday in New York City an old friend joined him on stage.

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