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Sheila The Unbelievable

August 9th, 2006

Sheila Copps’ column today makes you wonder how this woman ever got elected dog catcher. It’s about Fidel’s Cuba and, well here’s a sampling (with my comments in brackets):

Theirs is not a democratic society in the Canadian sense, (in what sense is it democratic?)

we may eschew their form of government. But who can argue with Cuban success in two important societal building blocks — health and education? (why isn’t starvation diets a health issue? What good is an education when there are no jobs?)

Their cult of leadership, lifting Castro up to the exclusion of others, is an anathema to our view of democracy. (stop acting as though democracy has anything to do with it).

Instead of wasting my time critiquing this column piece by piece I thought I’d be more blunt: Sheila, of your last six columns, two, this one, and this one, would land you in jail if you wrote them in Cuba about Castro. That is what should be anathema to you.

She actually finishes the article with a jaw dropping story about Castro chasing Al Gore around the room in Mexico when he was vice president. It’s jaw dropping because Sheila concludes that if Gore had embraced Castro he would have been elected President:

In the end, Castro was rebuffed and Gore lost the presidency. Who knows how an American-Cuban rapprochement might have helped Gore’s presidential ambitions? Had Gore seized the opportunity to reach out, history might have been different.

For those of you who wonder why relations between Canada and the States got so bad during the Liberal tenure, wonder no more. It’s clear the Liberals haven’t got a clue about the US.


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