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At Home

July 8th, 2006

There’s something that’s been bugging me here at At Home in Hespeler since I started this blog, and I have been trying to work out what it is.

Then I found it; it’s the way I write At Home in Hespeler, with capitalized ‘At’, ‘Home’ and ‘Hespeler’, but a non capitalized i on the ‘in.’ Why would I do it that way? It’s unconventional and makes sense in no rules of grammar that I know of.

But I like it. There’s a stylization about it I like. Sure, I tried other stuff, including @Home In Hespeler, At Home In Hespeler, and at Home in Hespeler, but none of those seemed right. But I could never quite figure out what I liked about At Home in…

In the past month I have been re-reading (a semi-annual event) Robertson Davies’ “Salterton Trilogy” novels. In them there is an elderly invalid, Mrs. Louisa Bridgetower, who has an At Home day every first Thursday.

The At Home is an Edwardian affectation, where a well to do lady, or somebody hoping to pass as well to do, would have what is basically an open house once a month, and her friends and acquaintances would come. Anybody in her society would be welcome, some would come specifically to pass along news.

These events would have certain social rules, but the gist is the same. Gossip and news would be shared, discussed and dissected over tea, cakes and cucumber sandwiches (assuming cucumbers could be had – for ready money or otherwise) cut into nice little squares.

And that’s what I like about At Home in Hespeler: That is exactly what we do here. Share, discuss and dissect some news and gossip. I often write coffee in hand (latte, with a bit of cinnamon), and hopefully you come here with coffee, tea, wine, cookies, cakes and even, if you choose, cucumber sandwiches cut into nice little squares.

This place, and others like it, are the modern equivalent to the Edwardian’s At Home. So enjoy, have a snack, and feel free to say your piece.

Meanwhile, I shant be having any At Home days this month, as the holiday schedule makes it difficult to see how blogging will occur, so I’m shutting it down. Enjoy, and come back in August for some teacakes and gossip.


  1. Joanne (True Blue)
    July 9th, 2006 at 16:22 | #1

    Have a good time away from the blog, Brian.

    BTW, I like your blog title the way it is. Usually small words or articles in a title are not capitalized, but you have to capitalize the first letter.

    It’s all good!

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