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Welcome to the World of 6% GST

July 2nd, 2006

I went out Friday and bought a portable DVD player. The kind with a flip up screen.

Cost: $120.00

On the way home it occurred to me I paid $1.20 more in GST than I would have if I waited until today to buy it.

Critics of the GST cut always bandy about small numbers, pennies on a cup of coffee, a penny on a newspaper (well, not really).

But I would have saved $1.20; not penny on a cup of coffee, the price of a cup of coffee. Thanks to Stephen Harper I can buy one more cup of coffee every time I spend $120.

How often do you, or how long does it take you, to buy $120 in GSTables? Every time you do a cup of coffee is being added back into the economy, a cup of coffee is being enjoyed by taxpayers that wasn’t being enjoyed before yesterday. It sounds like a little, but it’s not when you consider how many cups of coffee a year Mr. Harper just bought you.

Multiply that by how many people are getting those cups of coffee, and both the economy and taxpayers will benefit. Not as much as Tim Horton’s is going to benefit I grant you, but you can’t have everything.

So here I am driving home and of course I stopped for a coffee. As of today that coffee is basically free. Then I hear people complain about how little the GST cut is, and how a income tax cut is so much better, even though we haven’t given you a real income tax cut in twenty years, and I think to myself:

Shut up and buy the coffee!


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