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Who’s not cutting the GST?

July 2nd, 2006

The Toronto Sun’s Linda Leatherdale had a story today about whom is not passing on the GST saving:

Oh happy day, when the Canada Day long weekend is celebrated with a one percentage point cut in the GST — a tax that’s ripped $270 billion from our wallets since 1991.

Well, hate to rain on your parade, but we’re still getting ripped off…

Bottomline is the 7% GST — which is tax on tax at the pumps — is included in the price of gas, and as tax accountants explain, even though the GST was cut to 6% yesterday, odds are savings are not being passed on to over-taxed motorists…

This madness doesn’t stop at the gas pumps.

Go to City Hall, where Toronto Mayor David Miller was salivating over the idea of pocketing GST savings, and not passing them on to taxpayers…

One place where we’re promised to see the savings from the 1 point GST cut is with new home purchases. But Toronto real estate lawyer Alan Silverstein warns the jury’s still out of this one, too…

Funny thing, she missed one: My Toronto Sun has always cost $1.00, $0.94 + .06 GST. Sundays is $200. 1.88 + GST. Today, a Sunday, my Sun cost $2.00.

I guess the Sun is not passing on the GST savings either.

Doesn’t seem like much, one cent a day, two in Sundays. That’s a meager eight cents a week, a pittance I would say. But over a year, that amounts to $4.00, the price of four daily papers (or 2 Sundays).

We are talking thousands of dollars a week into the Suns coffers by not passing on the GST savings to their customers – which is all fine and dandy, except the Sun has been the paper to get very huffy about others not doing the same.

Hard to blame David Miller, and his cabal, for thinking about not cutting the GST when his accusers aren’t either.


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