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Now That’s a Quagmire

June 28th, 2006

Remember all the talk about Afghanistan being a quagmire? Iraq?

For a good look at a real quagmire how about Caledonia?

Steve Janke has some disturbing e mails on his site, here & here. The bottom line is this could explode over the weekend, and it’s time to ask, where is the leadership?

Meanwhile there is a significant risk that this problem could spread. For some time the natives have been claiming title to ten kilometers from the banks of the Grand River. This graphic has the area affected.

Click on Image to see full size

As you can see Brantford, Kitchener, much of Waterloo, Fergus and my beloved Hespeler is on their hit list (for that matter, Toronto is not safe). Who will be next?

And who will stop them? Certainly not Dalton McGuinty – too busy I guess. One thing that has become clear in the past month or more, is McGuinty is clearly in over his head (or is that “not up to the job”) with this whole leading thing.

But Indian affairs is a Federal responsibility, and the time has come (and gone) for the Feds to step in. Somebody has to take a leadership role, preferably before there’s any more trouble – and if Steve Janke has it right (and he admits he may not), that trouble is days away.

Read the stuff on Steve’s site, read this from Dust My Broom, examine the above picture. This issue becomes bigger and bigger, and the time has long gone for some problem solving.

Iraq and Afghanistan? Bah! Caledonia: Now that’s a quagmire!


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