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Toronto the Not in a Death Spiral

March 4th, 2011

Lying in a hospital bed recovering from serious surgery, your first item of concern should not be death threats, as in, direct threats against your life. And when that happens, the Police should take the threats seriously, even if the threat came from a muslim.

I contacted Toronto police. Within hours, two uniformed policemen from 51 Division came to interview me in hospital. However, barely one minute later, we were interrupted. Two men entered the room and told everybody else to leave. They did not identify themselves, but five minutes into what amounted to a two-hour interrogation, I realized they were police intelligence officers. One of them, I recognized by reputation – a Muslim officer who had shut down a previous investigation into a death threat against me in 2008, and another one against a partner in liberal Islam, Tahir Gora.

The money quote from moderate Muslim Tarek Fatah: “I’m hopeful that the police may yet make the right decision, now that I have gone public with this disgrace. If not, I will know the city I love is lost.”

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