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Canadian Angels

May 19th, 2006

Three cheers for one of my favourite blogs, that girl with the pearls, Girl on the Right.

She has established an adopt a soldier program for Canadian Soldiers fighting in Afghanistan:

Canadian Angels is committed to showing appreciation to our men and women serving in Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world. Based on the superb Soldiers Angels program in the United States, Canadian Angels was started by an average Canadian who wanted to help. Herself a “Soldiers Angel”, she felt it was time that Canada had its own Angels. When she realized that no such program existed here, she decided she would have to start one herself.

Canadian Angels is a non-governmental, non-partisan, independent, and (soon to be registered) non-profit organization.

So here’s how it works:

Canadian Angels has two databases; one for soldiers and one for Angels. Armed Forces members who are serving outside of Canada (or who are about to be deployed) are encouraged to sign up for an Angel. A family member or friend can also sign a soldier up out of kindness.
Volunteers sign up to provide sponsorship to a soldier in the form of letters, email and care packages. A soldier from one database is matched with a volunteer from the other.

Information about both soldiers and volunteers is kept strictly confidential, is not stored on-line, and is used only by the staff of Canadian Angels. When a sponsor match is made, Canadian Angels will advise the Angel who his or her assignment is, along with name and mailing address (and email address, if provided). The Armed Forces member will receive the same information about his or her Angel from the staff here. Let the correspondence begin!

I hope I get a blonde one!


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