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Julian Fantino: Star Candidate

November 26th, 2010

Remember, Julian Fantino doesn’t break the law, Julian Fantino is the law:

Meeting Conservative Julian Fantino last month on the hustings for the upcoming Vaughan by-election didn’t go as Liberal Tony Genco expected. He’d imagined pleasantries between competing candidates…

“I gave him my best wishes…and he told me some of my signs were too close to his campaign headquarters so he’d had his people take them down.”

…“I asked him if he would please give them back — they’re expensive, you know — but he didn’t respond.”

Genco apparently never did get his signs back …

“My volunteers followed all the rules in putting our signs up on public property and they weren’t placed improperly.”

…Asked about Genco’s allegations, a Fantino spokesperson emailed a response: “(Liberal Leader Michael) Ignatieff’s candidate may want to talk about signs; I’m talking about what actually matters to families in our community.”

OK, you want to talk, here’s an issue: Julian Fantino is dictatorial and arrogant ex-cop who thinks the law is his to interpret. He is the kind of man who is dangerous to our democracy.

Hey, Conservatives in Vaughan: do everybody a favour, including the Conservatives, and vote Liberal on by-election day.

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  1. Rod Rice
    November 26th, 2010 at 18:37 | #1

    I have long felt that Fantino is autocratic. My regard for the OPP fell dramatically during his leadership. And at the same time, his lack of leadership in Caledonia, probably reflecting a belief that the law is not equal for all, disturbed me greatly. I have long been a Conservative; I do not believe that the caliber of the caucus will be raised if he is elected.
    On the other hand PM Harper has a strong sense of right and wrong based on beliefs not in himself but in something greater. Perhaps he can reign this man in.

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