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Ethernet, Wifi and The Electric Car

November 22nd, 2010
The Chrysler Envi

The Chrysler Envi

Sometimes I’m reading a piece and the writer says something I just can’t get past. It can be so profound, so profoundly stupid, or just something that jumps out at me as somehow wrong. The latter happened this morning when reading a Washington Examiner piece entitled: Subsidies for plug-in cars: A scam for big business.

Writer Timothy B. Carney makes the case that electric cars are sink holes for tax dollars.Then he says this:

The project reminds me of my college days, when the school spent thousands of dollars running Ethernet cords into every library study carrel and the dorm rooms. By the time they finished, every freshman had his own laptop with built-in wireless.

Ask yourself, how long ago did freshman show up at university with their own laptop with built in wireless? Five years ago? Seven? Sure as hell wasn’t ten when most people were using dial up.

To Timothy Carney, “back in my college days,” was just a few years ago. Shouldn’t you have to be out of college at least ten years, if not fifteen, before you can say “back in my college days?”

A good article, I must say, and worth reading. Just don’t spend too long on that one paragraph.

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