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Big Stories Made Little

April 24th, 2006

I have had a bunch of stuff in my mental filing cabinet for a spell now that I want to comment on, but can’t quite get out. Here’s the readers digest version of each:

Gas Prices – I have had half a report on this written since last week. I’m beginning to think you guys will never see it. Here’s a summation:

Stephen Harper’s response to this so far has been, simply put, not good enough. It is a serious problem being faced by all us hockey moms and dads who have to drive our own limo’s to the games. He has shouted long and loud about tax relief at the pumps in the past and, although he never promised it in the election, it wouldn’t be hard to make it look like a broken promise.

In fairness, without a budget there’s nothing real to complain about, yet. However, if there is no gas tax relief in the May 2nd budget – look out. This one could be a killer (unless Bob Rae wins the Liberal leadership).

Bob Rae – He is actually doing it, running for the Liberal leadership. I have a hundred jokes and I can’t use any of them because the thought of PM Bob Rae scares the hell out of me – I hate to use that over used ‘he’s scary’ claim, but I lived through the Rae years in Ontario. It was THAT bad.

How bad?. Ontario, which is so leery about Stephen Harper voted for Mike Harris, twice. I offer the following commercials free of charge to the Conservative Party of Canada should Rae win the Liberal leadership (OK, a shiny new laptop, and a crackberry would be welcomed): Start with the Liberal Mike Harris ads, that dark scary picture, same-ish voice over.”Remember Mike Harris? Remember the strife, the days of action, the illegal teacher’s strikes &tc.? Now, remember why you voted for Mike Harris.” Picture changes to a similar toned one of Bob Rae. “The welfare rates, the massive taxation, the staggering debt, the jobs fleeing Ontario, Rae days, days of action &tc.”

Scott Brison: From the National Post today:

“Scott Brison hasn’t got a hope,” Mr Wiseman (Nelson Wiseman, political Science Professor at University of Toronto) said in an interview. “He doesn’t have a history in the Liberal Party, he’s part of the last government… and also of course there’s the income trust thing.”

More importantly, there’s the French thing never forget the French thing! Oh, and the arrogance thing. Never, ever forget the arrogance thing!!”

As a Conservative I am sad to say I agree with Mr. Wiseman, Scott Brison doesn’t stand a chance.

The Senate – Does anybody else think this whole Senate is going to block the accountability act too much? Let me get this one straight:

Moreover, The Hill Times reported last week (April 17) that several Liberal Senators are against the idea of a single ethics commissioner under the Federal Accountability Act, promising a political showdown in the Upper Chamber.

So the Liberal’s in Senate are going to block the accountability act over questions about an independent ethics commissioner? NO. Not happening. They may not like the tie in, but there is no selling that position. Do you really believe the Libs want to force an election over a question of Cretien/Martin/Trudeau appointees blocking ethics legislation?

Brian Mulroney – I am still trying to figure the motivation behind a who’s who of environmentalists awarding Brian Mulroney the “Greenest Prime Minister” award. Is this because he sang “When Irish Eyes are Smiling?”

Excuse the cynic in me, but I can’t help but think the feting of Mulroney has more to do with trying to get Stephen Harper on the environmentalists good side. Kind of a “hey, we like Conservatives. See? … SEE?” Smarter than the CAW running an anybody but the Conservatives campaign, I must admit. But where were all these tuxedoed environmentalists when Jean Cretien was PM?

But, Stephen is smarter than that, check out his remarks when introducing Mr. Mulroney:

“At the time, I don’t think there was any environmentalist who had anything good to say about Mr. Mulroney,” Harper said of the back-to-back Tory majorities in the 1980s.

“Now he’s regarded years later as the greenest prime minister. I believe the reason he’s regarded that way is that he didn’t pursue grandiose schemes and unworkable arrangements and the kind of problem we got into on Kyoto (greenhouse gas protocol). Instead, he decided to make real progress, concrete progress, on particular issues.”

Stick that in your exhaust pipe and smog it!

It looks like I am fixing my computer again this week, and then I am away for the weekend so expect a light blogging load.


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