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Local Starbucks’ Sends Care Packages to Troops

August 24th, 2010

This from my local Starbucks at Franklin Blvd. and Elgin Rd in Cambridge.

Please Support Our Troops

Brian’s brother is currently serving in Afghanistan and we are sending VIA to him and his fellow troops.

We would love your help!

Buy a package of VIA and write a notice on it for them to read.

Brian is one of the store managers.

Good for the staff at the Franklin Rd. Starbucks. I made my donation. If you live in the area why not pop down and make sure the boys doing the heavy lifting have a coffee.

Afghanistan ,

  1. Gary
    August 25th, 2010 at 01:51 | #1

    I had a bad day at Starbuck last Nov of 2009, a female customer must have mistook me for someone she feared or had issue with. So she reported me to the staff to be stalked because I chose to stand outside and drink my coffee. I don’t sit much for circulation reasons in my legs, plus I wanted a refill before going home.
    I felt like a criminal as one worker changed clothes and thought i didn’t notice them , then a female walked a dog to watch me. The female must have called for a cab because 2 workers jumped in with her as protection because the cab came back without her by the 2 employee that got out. The next day when it opened I told the manager that it is dangerous to just accept a paranoia of phobia by a female in the store, and all someone had to do was come and talk to me.
    Thank god they didn’t call the Police over it,the manager apologized for me being “Offended”, I wasn’t Offended, I was scared because I’m self-e,ployed as a designer/Engineer making items for the Disabled and senior related to housing. My life was almost ruined by some $8.00 an hour yahoos willing to smear my reputation based on paranoia from some blonde thinking every guy is after her.
    I was polite and said that it would be safer for me to no longer come there and spend about $40.00 aweek and risk Police charges for the allegation that I’m some perv stalking some 40+ over weight unmarried feminist or men hater.
    It’s amazing how the young females have been brainwashed on campus
    to hate all males(except gays)as potential sex-offenders when females have the highest rate for child murders as the relative believing they are protecting the child from future harm.
    I also stopped going to a video store when a feminist onjected to my opine on a matter with a male worker, yet a movie playing on the promo screen had violence,female nudity,the F word,plus renter with MP3 player blasting NWA tunes or using the N word and Bitches and ho’s.
    Poor girls,25 years from now most friend will have kids and a nice husband while they are now ugly AND fat.

  2. August 30th, 2010 at 17:53 | #2

    nice post. thanks.

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