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Don’t Blame Me…

July 9th, 2010

I voted At Home in Hespeler for Senator.

Dear Steve:

I know it sounded like a joke at the time. Some blogger from Hespeler – Cambridge for God’s sake – wants to be Senator. Some forklift driver thinks he’s qualified to sit in the Senate.

At the time I suggested with an auto industry in crisis, maybe you could bring in an auto worker. Would do you no harm, with the added bonus that it would drive Buzz Hargrove nuts that a unionized autoworker not named Buzz Hargrove was appointed.

Could play guitar in the Senate band I hinted, and I’m sure we could use a keyboard player. Good for everybody’s image that.

But no, you went with Dick Neufeld (as he is, I’m sure, now called in your circle of friends). And what did you get? A headache. An independent thinker. Hell, lets call a spade a spade: a crony-ist backstabber, entitled to his entitlements.

I’m sure you made Dick sign an undated resignation – all the better to guarantee he runs in an election if you ever get your elected Senate. So date it, accept it, and call someone who knows how to kiss a Prime-Ministerial ass.

At Home in Hespeler

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