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Toronto the Not in a Death Spiral

June 9th, 2010

spiral torontoAfter 19 years on city council, a guy can become used to the entitlement culture that is modern Canadian politics:

Kyle Rae admitted Tuesday he spent $12,000 from his taxpayer-subsidized communications budget to throw himself a “Farewell Celebration”…

Somehow, to this guy, to these people, a soiree at an upscale eatery for supporters is part of a councillors communications. Seems dodgy, you say. King Kyle, it turns out, has his i’s dotted and his t’s crossed.

Rae said he felt his constituents had effectively paid for such an event since he had handed over a $25,000 cheque to the city four years ago – money he raised that exceeded the spending limit for his re-election campaign that year.

So you see, it’s all good.

But wait a minute. If you donate to a candidates re-election campaign, and he sends taxpayer money your way to thank you, isn’t that a kick-back? Or at the very least, an election expense?

And if you didn’t donate to Kyle Rae, don’t like him and never voted for him? Not to worry, that newsletter he always sends out letting you know why your garbage wasn’t picked up – it’s in the mail.

Toronto: Not in a Death Spiral

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