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Hidy Ho Neighbour

March 31st, 2006

Brian suggested that I do a little introduction before I commence with my guest blogging spots. I think it may take a bit of time to get comfortable with the format. You are all so frighteningly erudite!

I am an early forties unmarried proto-typical nice guy. You know, the one who never gets the girl. I live and work in Mississauga, the land of the World’s Strongest Mayor. I work on old British cars as a hobby and read voraciously, primarily non-fiction.

I’ve known Brian since the fifth grade when we were members of the ukulele club. I might still be able to play “Country Road”.

My scribblings here are to serve the same purpose as letters to the editor I have written – to keep my head from exploding due to the idiocy of the government and, well, people really.

So, here they come. Feel free to tell me I’m full of it. You wouldn’t be the first.


  1. Brian
    March 31st, 2006 at 14:39 | #1

    I’ll tell you what will happen. You will blog in spurts. In about 6 weeks you’ll decide you need your own blog, as you have stuff to say that you think “well, not on Brian’s blog”, and you’ll decide to do MGBing with Ron (www.mgbron.blogspot.com).

    Next thing you know you writing 10,000 words a month, and still not getting paid for it. Blogging is the crack cocaine of writing. Croging, they should maybe call it (or not).

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