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Liberal’s Citing Discredited YWCA report

March 30th, 2006

Good work to Joanne over at Joanne’s Journey for her work investigative work on the YWCA daycare report (note: report is PDF file):

I told her I was trying to understand where that statement in her story came from (most Canadians would prefer a National Day Care Program…); that I had searched the whole study and still didn’t see any evidence to support it.

She assured me that it was in the report. I replied that I had poured over every word, and the closest I could find was “Canadians agree that universal child care is a necessity”, (which was suspect in itself), but I didn’t find the word ‘most’…

She candidly explained that she didn’t really read the whole report...

She replied that she got the statement from the National Coordinator…

She also points out that the study was done with hand picked focus groups, and thus inherently biased. A controversial and discredited report, just the thing for…

The Liberals:

Families Want Liberal Child Care Program, Report Finds

March 21, 2006

Canadian families, irrespective of where they live or the size of their communities, want their child care needs met by a nationally-funded public system and not a federal cash payout, according to a recent report by YWCA Canada.

So the Liberal’s are going to get tough on the Conservatives based on, a discredited report? Don’t these guys have enough problems? And what if CTV starts distancing itself from the report, particularly the remarks that “most Canadians would prefer a National Day Care Program.” There is presently a petition demanding just that. Yet the Liberals are using the report as ammunition.

I can’t wait for some Liberal to get up in Parliament waving this useless report around. Politics hasn’t been funny in a long time.


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