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Blogging Tories Site of the Week

March 29th, 2006

Something went quite wrong, and I was unable to get a site of the week from Bluebox for a week or two. Thus, I have two to offer this week:

Last weeks site of the week was Fuschi’s Canadian Forum. Anybody who has written, as he did on the first post I looked at,

the Liberal party is a blight on the Canadian landscape; that its tenure has dragged this country farther from its true potential; that it has shown no identifiable principles to guide its stewardship of our country: that the only thing natural about them, is not their propensity to govern, but their insufferable presumption of entitlement to our sweat-equity.

is alright with me.

But, how do you really feel?

This week is Choice for Childcare, a site set up to give voice to those who are shut out of the mainstream on this issue i.e. those that agree with Stephen Harper that the real childcare experts are the parents. I enoyed Sara’s post on the insufferable Carolyn Bennet.

Oh, and have you heard the news?…



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