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Taking a Few days off…

March 27th, 2006

For some personal business

No not that! But I will be diddling around with my computer. I’m tired of waiting for Microsoft to get it’s act together on Vista, and I’m tired of using Win98 – so a re-format and an upgrade are on the books.

This would normally only take a day, but this is likely to mean it takes longer.


There’s this to ponder, and I’ve been thinking about how this guy feels about this guy bad mouthing the shape of the finances that the Tories left for poor Dalton.

As an ex-finance minister under Mike Harris, do you suppose he took any of the very direct criticism personally? And do you suppose he holds a grudge? And do you suppose he was as disgusted as the rest of us by the budget last week?

And oh yea

Picture of the Day – IT’S SPRING!


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