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Media Missing The Point of Emerson

March 25th, 2006

This according to an un-named author, which has appeared in the Brockville Recorder & Times:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has missed the point entirely in the controversy over the defection of newly elected Vancouver MP David Emerson from the Liberals to the Conservative cabinet.

The rest is really a re-hash of Bernard Shapiro’s ethics non-report. But it highlights a problem the media have with this story. It was never about David Emerson. It was about Michael Fortier.

The real story is the appointment of Fortier to the senate, and giving him a seat at cabinet without him ever being elected. Yet the media are so strangely fixated on Emerson, and I think Harper may have done so intentionally. Here’s my scenario.

Harper decided he has a better chance of winning Quebec in the next election than BC or Ontario. He figures he can win back the seats he has, but to take more seats Quebec is his best chance. So he needs a minister from Montreal, and brings in a guy with political savvy, but no seat so you slip him into the senate. Then you bring in Emerson, maybe send off an MP with some media skills, say Garth Turner, to huff and puff for you. Voila, scandal where it doesn’t hurt you (BC), a happy constituency where it helps you (Quebec).

The fine people of David Emerson’s riding, Bernard Shapiro and the Brockville Recorder & Times are all just useful idiots in the process.


  1. Civil War
    April 15th, 2006 at 20:39 | #1

    Interesting blog…a good read.

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