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Bardot, By Her Own Logic

March 23rd, 2006

Brigitte Bardot was in Ottawa yesterday, and while there she sent a hand written note to Stephen Harper. Included on the note was this gem:

“in which we have so much hope, prove to the world that he (Stephen Harper) is intelligent,” by canceling the seal hunt.

“Only idiots refuse to change their minds,” Bardot wrote.

Mme. Bardot, a French actress, came to Canada to protest the seal hunt for the first time in 1976. That would be 30 years ago, and now she is back with the same complaint.

Hmmm. let’s see.

“Only idiots refuse to change their minds,”… “30 years ago, and now she is back with the same complaint.”

It’s been a while, but lets see if I remember how that logic 101 thing worked.

Brigitte Bardot has not changed her mind in 30 years.
Only idiots refuse to change their minds.
Brigitte Bardot is an…

I’m not writing it, but let’s just say that the Mensa application is not actually lost in the mail.


  1. Joanne (True Blue)
    March 24th, 2006 at 07:45 | #1

    LOL!!! Good one, Brian! That one got by me in the original story. Very clever.

    I wonder if she’s changed her mind about her rants against Muslims and gays in her book that got her into so much trouble.

  2. Brian
    March 24th, 2006 at 10:18 | #2

    I am not famailiar with her rants, although I read a bit about it yesterday. I would love to find out more and may look it up someday if I can find the time.

    There is just too much information to absorb for an old sponge like me.

  3. Joanne (True Blue)
    March 24th, 2006 at 23:53 | #3

    Well she said some very disparaging things about gays – Things that would be considered worthy of a Human Rights investigation. Now, that whole topic is something for another discussion, but it amuses me that the animal rights groups hold her up as such a reputable spokesperson.

    BTW, no way are you an ‘old sponge’. You are right though that there is an overwhelming amount of information out there. The challenge is to be able to glean what you need, and not spend too much time doing so.

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