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New Contributor

March 22nd, 2006

I have asked an old friend of many opinions if he would like to contribute here. Yesterday I received an e mail that read like a post, so I guess he’s in.

Ron lives and works in Mississauga and likes Jean Cretien even less than I do. He is a contributor to the Toronto Sun through their letter to the editor feature. One of the reasons I asked him to contribute is because he has strong knowledge of the military, and has done some research on the Canadian military. Regular readers will have noticed that I have said very little about Afghanistan, and the reason for that is I know so little about all things military. I know enough, however, that I can say it is not a simple subject. I would be speaking with a voice of ignorance, and I prefer not to do that. Hopefully Ron can fill that void in At Home in Hespeler (the knowledgeable voice of the military void, not the voice of ignorance void).

Welcome aboard Ron, feel free to write whatever you wish, and good luck. It’s addictive and I give you 2 months before you have your own blog. So, without further ado

Everybody – Ron.
Ron – Everybody.


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