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Yaa for the BloggingTories

March 22nd, 2006

Earlier in the week I posted about an apparent removal of one blogger from the blogging Tories, due to having other partisan blogrolls on her blog. This decision has been reversed and was originally made, apparently under the influence of week old Chinese food, so we can see how it can happen. This was posted on the comments section of Allie’s post on this issue by Stephen Taylor grand poobah of the Blogging Tories:

The decision has been appealed. The wise council of Blogging Tory elders has reversed its decision regarding your application and subsequently voted never to eat week-old Chinese takeout again (at least not while making important decisions).

Seriously though, we’d be happy to have a true conservative voice compliment our blogroll.

On behalf of the Blogging Tories council of elders (and our conservative masters in Ottawa and Washington), I’d like to welcome you to Blogging Tories if you’ll have us.

Glad that’s settled. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Blog.


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