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How Not to Solve an Energy Crisis…

March 22nd, 2006

Premier Dalton was in my town yesterday announcing a plan for the province to buy back energy produced off grid by consumers. Have a windmill in your backyard? You now can sell the power produced from it to Ontario hydro. From CBC:

Ontario is offering to subsidize homeowners and businesses that switch to renewable power sources like solar panels or wind turbines.

It’s the first program of its type in the country and Premier Dalton McGuinty says he hopes the plan will see a quarter of a million homes powered by renewable energy within a decade…

“We’re taking a bold new step that will allow hundreds of small, local renewable energy producers to get into the energy market,” he said.

In typical Dalton McGuinty fashion, they are over-paying for the home made power:

The government will pay an inflated price for the energy for 20 years to help make the project attractive: 42 cents a kilowatt-hour for solar and 11 cents for wind, biomass, or small hydroelectric projects.

Which is good news to me. What wasn’t reported in the news is that after his visit here in Cambridge, he stopped by the Hespeler Towers to witness first hand my pet project:

Basil Powered11 cents a kilowatt hour eh?

Honey! Pack your bags, we just won the lottery…


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