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Libertas Post Back

March 8th, 2010

new_hampshire_quarter_reverse_side_2000When Gerry Nicholls travelled to New Hampshire to save the Yanks from themselves, his “socialist free zone”  website, LibertasPost got put on temporary hiatus.

Last week I received an email from veteran journalist Nate Hendley informing me he was taking over as the new editor at LibertasPost. Please continue contributing, was the gist of his email. I did, crossposting We Stand on Guard for Thee to LibertasPost.

Today, Nate hit the ground running with a couple of stories, re-launching, or at least re-igniting, LibertasPost.

It’s good to see Libertas back in operation. Be sure to visit often as it will hopefully be a lively site, where freedom reigns, once again.

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