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Changing the Canadian Values

March 16th, 2006

Stephen Harper’s speech to the troops provides an interesting look at what may be his most significant work while Prime Minister. As Andrew Coyne has already mentioned, Stephen Harper is attempting to change the definition of Canadian values. In this speech he clearly attempts to begin a redefinition of the term, for so long used by the Liberal/NDP cabal and their friends in media, to mean healthcare, taxation, the CBC and Canadian socialism.:

You have put yourself on the line to:

– Defend our national interests;
– Protect Canada and the world from terror;
– Help the people of Afghanistan rebuild their country…

Your work is important because it is in our national interest to see Afghanistan become a free, democratic, and peaceful country…

Your work is about more than just defending Canada’s interest. It’s also about demonstrating an international leadership role for our country. Not carping from the sidelines, but taking a stand on the big issues that matter.

You can’t lead from the bleachers. I want Canada to be a leader. And I know you want to serve your country. A country that really leads, not a country that just follows…

…- the very best of the Canadian tradition:
– Providing leadership on global issues;
– Stepping up to the plate;
– Doing good when good is required…

These are important victories for the people of Afghanistan, and the represent things worth standing up for.

Standing up for Canadian Values

Of course, standing up for these core Canadian values may not always be easy at times. It’s never easy for the men and women on the front lines. And there may be some who want to cut and run.

But cutting and running is not your way.

It’s not my way.

And it’s not the Canadian way.

We don’t make a commitment and then run away at the first sign of trouble…

In what may be a very astute move by Prime Minister Harper, he seems to be trying to reposition Canadian values. If he can accomplish this, it will be a real coup for Canadian conservatives. Then the Liberal’s/NDP will have to come to the plate with real ideas, instead of labeling any conservative ones as “anti-Canadian.”


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