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Environmental Refugee Week Day 3: The Phoenix Coyotes

December 2nd, 2009
Desertification. howlerYou’ll hear that phrase a lot as you start to meet the environmental refugees. Phoenix, a mere 350 miles from the Pacific Ocean is experiencing desertification. So close to all that potential precipitation, yet Phoenix gets an average 8.3 inches. There is only one explanation: global warming. Disagree if you want, but with an average daily temperature of 72 degrees (106 in July), what else can you call that but warm?
To play hockey you need one thing, ice. To make ice you need two things, water and cold. Phoenix has no water and heat. What’s a hockey team to do? Move to Hamilton, that’s what. So prophesied Billionaire Jim (Moses) Balsillie, who decided to buy the Coyotes and lead them out of the desert. Sadly, the Coyotes belong in the National Hockey League, which is run by some serious science deniers – of both the dismal science of economics and the fake science of global warming.
Balsillie saw the future, and it was desertification. Thus Hamilton was a judges ruling away from being home to the first environmental refugee hockey team in global warming history.


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  1. dmorris
    December 2nd, 2009 at 19:52 | #1

    Yes,it’s really too bad Balsillie didn’t get the franchise moved to Hamilton, where they care about hockey.

    I saw Gary Bettman on HNIC,lying to Ron McLean that he wasn’t anti-Canadian. He may not be on a personal level, but he wants a team in every important US market,even if they aren’t much of a draw.He’d rather have 8000 in attendance in Phoenix than 18,000 in Hamilton.

    Bettman considers Canada an unimportant market, just like most US businessmen,and probably has to be reminded that there ARE still Canadian teams in the NHL.

    It’s really too bad the idea of a world hockey league never got off the ground. I’d rather see the Moscow Dynamo than the Phoenix Coyotes any day.

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