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Hargrove to NDP – No, You Buzz Off

February 23rd, 2006

It seems Buzz Hargrove the esteemed (steamed) leader of Canadian Autoworkers Union, has decided not to appeal his booting from the NDP. From the Star:

Buzz Hargrove, Canada’s most prominent labour leader, says he won’t try to rejoin the New Democratic Party after being suspended for supporting some Liberal candidates in the recent federal election.

Hargrove, president of the Canadian Auto Workers union, said yesterday he won’t appeal a decision by the Ontario wing of the NDP because it would give legitimacy to a process that was unfair to him.

“There was no notification, no evidence presented to me and no hearing. I don’t want to legitimize that sort of process,” Hargrove said in an interview after receiving a letter from the NDP informing him of the suspension and appeal option.

What’s a Liberal to do? The irony is, Buzz has nailed on the head why he was kicked out – the NDP didn’t want to “legitimize that sort of process” whereby it’s own members go around telling people to vote for another party. Oh and Buzz, you can fume and stamp your feet all you want, but you were kicked out, you didn’t leave. And we all know it.


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