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Yet Another International Boycott

February 22nd, 2006

Regular readers of this site (hi mom!) will know I am a James Bond fan, and I happily pass along any Bond related news that hits the wire. But I must admit, like many fans of the franchise, I don’t like Daniel Craig as the new Bond. On fairness, I haven’t seen him, and Bond fans tend to get uppity about every new Bond. But this guy is just too much of a weenie. From his first press conference when he arrived on a boat wearing a life jacket, to last week when he lost two front teeth in a fight scene (with an extra, not even a real bad guy), this guy just stinks of being not-the Bond.

Now, along comes a fan site dedicated to Daniel Craig – CraigNotBond.com has a history of the Bonds, questions the reasons for overthrowing Pierce Brosnan and compiles polls taken on the subject to prove their point – Daniel Craig is no James Bond.

Ultimately, the site wants to create a boycott of Casino Royale, and force the producers of the Bond franchise to replace Craig. And since every blog seems to need to have a boycott to be legit, I’m in!


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