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Street Racing Death?

July 7th, 2009

In Toronto? It can’t be so!

They passed a law. Grandpa lost his car on the way to the mall.

The Star actually has a street racing map, by postal code. But here’s the catch, it’s people busted using the Dalton McGuinty/Julian Fantino variation of street racing: anybody exceeding the speed limit by 50K (or people following too close, but there’s some rather arbitrary aspect of that one so nobody talks about it).

When a rash of street racers hit the GTA a few years ago, the new law came into effect. It was bad law that was designed not to stop street racing, but to appease Fantino’s dictatorial desires. Now that the Don Valley Parkway has been closed due to real street racing, what response can we expect? More bad law? Street racing re-defined down to 30 km/hr?

Dalton McGuinty and Julian Fantino’s bad “stunt driving” law didn’t prevent last night tragedy on the DVP because it was never intended to prevent real racing.

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