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Second Ballot Results

June 27th, 2009

United and Strong is struggling with the number of hits, but it appears second ballot results are as follows:

Tim Hudak – 4128
Frank Klees – 3299
Christine Elliott – 2903

Total votes is 10330, which by my back of the napkin math is 14 votes less than the first round.  Hudak is 1037 votes below the 50% threshold, which means a third ballot showdown between Klees and Hudak.

In terms of percentage of vote, both Elliott and Klees gained 2% from round one, at 28 and 32 respectively while Tim Hudak gained 7% (all percentages are approximations and rounded) to jump to 40%. Bottom Line, Frank Klees is going to have to attract over two-thirds of Christine Elliotts votes to defeat Tim Hudak.


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