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Tim Hudak to Scrap Human Rights Tribunals

May 13th, 2009

To use a phrase, it just got interesting. Prospective Ontario Provincial Conservative leader Tim Hudak announced yesterday that if he were to become Premier of Ontario, he would scrap Ontario Human Rights Commission tribunals:

Today, Tim announced his proposal to scrap the Human Rights Tribunal and instead move to a court-based system bound by rules of evidence as opposed to hurt feelings under the current tribunals.

“We must vigorously prosecute people for real acts of illegal discrimination,” said Tim. “This is not the case today, where we have a Commission and a Chair that use the Ontario Human Rights Code as a tool of political advocacy.”

I won’t get to excited until he specifically rules out speech complaints from his new system, but this is definitely promising.

Who I will endorse as leader is quietly shaping up, and Hudak just became a front runner. The question is, what does Randy Hiller, Christine Elliott and Frank Klees have to say on the abominable human rights tribunals?


Update: Twitter comes through – Randy Hillier is ahead of Hudak on this one:

As Premier, Randy Hillier will introduce legislation to eliminate the Ontario Human Rights Commission and the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.

He will place genuine violations of human rights before real courts, where all parties can be confident that justice will be done and that procedural fairness will not be ignored. Human Rights Commissions will become redundant and will be eliminated.

Updatier: Hello to readers of Blazing Cat Fur and the wonderful PerezHudak.com.

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  1. Faithful Ontario Conservative
    May 13th, 2009 at 09:40 | #1

    I hope Tim Hudak puts Ezra Levant on his payroll if/when he becomes the next leader of the PC party. These tribunals have become a joke, and this is by far the most realistic plan I have seen to address the problem. I am still undecided, but Tim Hudak has my first choice ballot as long as he makes this issue a priority. I would also like to see the other candidates take a stronger stance against the HST tax increases.

  2. machiavelli
    May 13th, 2009 at 12:58 | #2

    Is there a genuine small-c fiscal and social conservative in this group of leadership candidates?

    I’m still looking. I’m having trouble finding the key phrases I need in order to vote:

    “downsize government”

    “10% across the board cut in next budget”

    “sell crown corps such as TVO & Liquor stores”

    “eliminate departments and/or programs”


    “cut regulations”

    “cut taxes across the board”

    “layoff thousands of employees”

    “voulcher system for public and /or private schools”

    “different pay levesls for teachers”

    “no strike law pursuant to teachers”

    “include only social conservative lawyers/judges on the list advising the Fed. govt. re: appointments.”

    “privatize some medical testing/procedures as far as legal”

    Is there a real conservative is this group, or do we just have some moderate versions of McGuinty who is building the Socialist Republic of Ontario?

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