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John Manley: Not in the Race

January 28th, 2006

Ten years ago I was in university, doing a part-time degree in the UofW’s distance-ed program. While doing an economics assignment I sent an e-mail (possibly even snail mail) looking for some information to Industry Canada, headed by Minister of Industry John Manley. A few weeks later I received a large envelope packed with relevant information. Subsequently, I received a follow up phone call to ensure the information sent was relevant. A short conversation ensued in which I declared pleasure with the package received, and mentioned another item that may be helpful. A week later another large envelope with the information I had mentioned arrived.

It was, a good experience. I had dealt with a well run ministry that went to some trouble to help a student with a small need, I was impressed and have watched John Manley fairly closely since.

Manley was a good Minister, whether it was Industry, Foreign Affairs or Finance, Manley did, in my opinion, a good job. He was a good Politician and a Good man. He was a strong voice for the right wing of the Liberal Party and his presence in the leadership race will be missed. He would have provided a strong voice for the right in the leadership race. Without him it’s possible no credible right leaning candidate will appear, pulling the political landscape in this country further to the left.

John Manley would have been a strong candidate for Liberal leader and the race is lessened with his absence.


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